Unveil prime trading windows with our advanced Index Kill Zone Indicator, tailored for SP500, NQ100, and DJ30 markets. This unique tool goes beyond standard kill zones, offering ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ sessions, ‘Launch Hour’, and special ‘Silver Bullet’ windows for optimal trading, complete with a Notification function to keep you on top of every opportunity. Revolutionize your trading with precision and insight.

THE INDEX KILL ZONES Indicator Features

Index Kill Zones Indicator - London Session - SMC Indicators - ICT Indicators

Identify London Session Kill Zones

Index Kill Zones Indicator - AM Session - SMC Indicators - ICT Indicators

AM Session Kill Zone

Index Kill Zones Indicator - PM Session - SMC Indicators - ICT Indicators

PM Session Kill Zone

Index Kill Zones Indicator - Daily and Weekly Open Price SMC Indicators - ICT Indicators

Daily & Weekly Open Price Levels

Optimize Your Trading Strategy with Open Price Levels: Our tool draws a horizontal line from the start of the trading day at 00:00 NY midnight, extending it to the day’s end.

This feature is crucial for understanding the price’s position relative to the daily candle.

Tailor your approach with the Daily Open Price for day trading or scalping, and the Weekly Open Price for swing trading, aligning with expected weekly trends. 

Index Kill Zones Indicator - Kill Zone Open Price SMC Indicators - ICT Indicators

Kill Zones Open Price Level

Enhance Intra-Session Trading. Our tool is ideal for traders who treat trading sessions as daily candles. Utilize the Kill Zones Open Price levels to guide your strategy, applying the logic of the Daily Open Price.

This means looking for buy opportunities below the Session’s Open Price Level and sell opportunities above it.

Perfect for intra-session traders seeking to align their trades with the session’s momentum.

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