Discover where Key Liquidity Pools reside with our Multi-Timeframe External Range Liquidity Indicator.

Effortlessly filter out the noise and identify crucial levels for potential ‘liquidity runs’ or ‘stop runs’

above and below key highs and lows when combined with the Market Structure Indicator.

THE External Range Liquidity Indicator Features

ICT Indicator - External Range Liquidity Indicator - Purged Liquidity

Identify Purged External Range Liquidity

Reveal Past Market Movements: Our tool effectively highlights past liquidity pools where prices have reached above previous key highs or below key lows.

Identifying these ‘Purged Liquidity’ zones is invaluable for historical analysis and understanding where the last run on liquidity was.

ICT Indicator - External Range Liquidity Indicator - Open Liquidity

Identify Open External Range Liquidity

Identify where future liquidity pools are with precision. Our indicator marks the ‘Open Liquidity Pools,’ on any timeframe predicting potential areas where prices will reach to seeking external range liquidity above key highs and lows.

ICT Indicator - External Range Liquidity Indicator - Multi Timeframe External Range Liquidity

Multi timeframe layered Liquidity

Our revolutionary Multi Timeframe Feature empowers traders by providing a complete and simultaneous view of all “key External Range Liquidity Pools” across various Multiple timeframes at the same time.

With the ability to effortlessly transpose External Range Liquidity from higher or mid-timeframes down to lower ones, you gain an unparalleled advantage trading in real-time that doesn’t just react to the market but anticipates it by keeping track of crucial levels from a broader perspective.

Elevate your trading strategy with this feature, designed for the modern trader who demands comprehensive insight and precision.

Bonus Features

Unlock High Precision Liquidity Pools:
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